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One of my classmates last semester in our broadcast journalism class had been murdered just this week. I just found out today and I was really shocked.

Ate Ja was a really simple girl. She's really beautiful and very down-to-earth. We haven't have the chance to talk that much but I would always remember her warm greetings and smiles towards me.

I found out that there were more than five stab wounds found in her body. And that the one who did this to her is still out there. Life is really unfair most of the time.


 Ate Ja is a graduating student this year. She still has more things to do with her life; find a job, have a family, fulfill her dreams; but all of that was taken from her in just a snap. She doesn't deserve what happened to her. No one deserves that.

I know how it feels like to lost a loved one because of a murder. It hurts. And the pain never really goes away. The only consolation one could get from a tragedy like this is the thought that that person is in a better place now with God.

Someday, I can imagine Ate Ja in a much better haven; somewhere where she is free to be happy and free from the cruelty of this world.

The only thing we can all do now is to pray for her, her family, and her friends. There is no better way to help but to whisper in God's ear that may she be given the rightful justice she deserves.

Goodbye ate Ja. You will be missed. that I am certain of.


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Hazzel Ann Lacdang DeRoma
Dec. 19th, 2010 05:16 am (UTC)
i've heard the news about her last week. and i never knew that the girl talking to me when i was still 3yrs.old had gone. i never knew her name for last 12 yrs. she was my schoolmate. everyday after class she talks to me while i'm still waiting for my mom.
even though i never knew her at all, the first thing that comes to my mind was she was really an angel.

Goodbye ate glaudia.thanks for everything.i'll be missing you.
Porma de Puta
Jul. 12th, 2011 03:55 am (UTC)
fucking perversion
may nasayang na naman na buhay ng dahil lang sa matakaw sa laman.tang inang tong rapist nito pag nakita ko yan sa sampaloc di na yan makaklabas ng buhay. isipin mo may nanay ka rin at mga kapatid na babae. wala kang awa pinatay mo may pangarap pa sa buhay. i feel so sad when a read the page about her. i am a product of lyceum way back 2008. sana patayin ka ng konsensya mo kugn sino ka man....i pray for your soul. god knows how to deal with a person like you. fuck you ka..bye glaudia though where not friends nor i am a stranger i will pray for your justice...
Jul. 13th, 2011 03:47 am (UTC)
It's really sad... Let's just hope ate Glaudia will rest in peace...
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